Orange County NAPNAP Chapter

Hello, and welcome to our new website and our new year!

Posted over 9 years ago by Linda Scott-Katz

2009-2010 will be an exciting time for OC NAPNAP, starting right here.I encourage you to explore our new website. Scroll through and become familiar with its contents. Make sure you check the calendar to see what meetings or events are coming up. And please, feel free to bring along your colleagues who aren’t yet members. Let’s grow our numbers and be a strong voice for the children and the families we care for. You can contact us at any time if you have any questions or suggestions that will help us serve you better. Linda Scott-Katz, RN, MS, PNP


Brittney Anderson over 9 years ago

Hi Linda:

Is the next meeting Oct 15th? Or is there one sooner? I am starting DNP, PNP school in 2 weeks and would like to become involved. Thanks!

Brittney K Anderson

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